Cover Reveal! Fly Like You’ve Never Been Grounded SJ McCoy



Laura Benson has her life together, thank you very much.

Her jewelry store in San Francisco is doing wonderfully. Her design skills will soon have her traveling

to London, designing a new line that should build her reputation world wide.

She’s on top,

which is where she likes to be – especially when it comes to men. Since giving her fiance his ring back a

year ago, Laura has kept her relationships light, and short. Sexy pilot Smoke Hamilton might be hot, but

she doesn’t need a Mr Right, just Mr Right Now. She doesn’t need a man holding her down.

From the moment he first saw her, Smoke knew Laura was his kind of sexy. What he hadn’t banked on

was her being his kind of smart, with a sassy mouth too. He usually prefers his women ‘nice and easy’,

but Laura is a challenge. Smoke has always been a sucker for a challenge, he just can’t leave them alone

til he’s conquered them.

Conquering Laura is a risk, she’s Jack’s cousin, Jack is not only his

friend, but his employer too. Still she’s a risk he has to take. As a pilot, his career comes first, and always

gives him the option to fly away. He’ll never let a woman tie him down again.

The chemistry

between them definitely has the sparks flying, but will the scars of the past only lead them to crash and



About the


Hi, I’m SJ. A coffee addict, lover of chocolate and drinker of good

red wines. I’m a lost soul and a hopeless romantic. Reading and writing are necessary parts of who I

am. Though perhaps not as necessary as coffee! I can drink coffee without writing, but I can’t write

without coffee.

I grew up loving romance novels, my first boyfriends were book boyfriends,

but life intervened, as it tends to do, and I wandered down the paths of non fiction for many years.

My life changed completely a couple of years ago and I returned to Romance to find my escape.

I write ‘Sweet N Steamy’ stories because to me there is enough angst and darkness in real life.

My favorite romances are happy escapes with a focus on fun, friendships and happily-ever-afters, just

like the ones I write.

These days I live in beautiful Montana, the last best place. If I’m not

reading or writing you’ll find me just down the road in the park – Yellowstone. I have deer, eagles and

the occasional bear for company, and I like it that way :0)

Twitter: authorSJMcCoy

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About A Novel Love

I have always had a book in my hand. With ebooks many in hand! I really enjoy sharing my favorite authors with people, and helping others find a new favorite author. When I was young I knew I was in trouble when I was sent to my room and COULD NOT read. Truly a tragic punishment for sure! Join me to talk about books we love or help others find new books to read! I am willing to read books in exchange for an honest review, and would be happy to participate in blog tours and cover reveals. Some of the types of books I enjoy are romance, romantic suspense, alpha males, rockers, paranormal (shifter), tattooed guys, contemporary romance, MMA fighters, NA romance, Christian romance, sports romance, ménage and BDMS.

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