I decided to start a blog of the books I love and ones I think I will love. Why? There are plenty of blogs out there, what makes mine different or special. In the easy sense, nothing. On a deeper level I hope this brings me a chance to connect with others who love books as much as I do. So far its been great! I have had opportunities to interact with other bloggers, followers and even authors. One day maybe I will even write a book of my own. Some of the types of books I enjoy are romance, romantic suspense, alpha males, rockers, paranormal (shifter), tattooed guys, contemporary romance, MMA fighters, new adult romance, Christian romance, sports romance(my favorite are football and hockey), ménage and BDSM.
I enjoy recommending my favorite books and authors to people, and then enjoy following up to see if I got it right and someone found a new author or series to follow. Please feel free to email me or contact me here, if you are looking for a good book to read!
Happy Reading!


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