Runaway by SM Knowles

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Amanda enters into the room, quickly closing the door behind her. “Oh, hey. Didn’t expect anyone to be in here yet.”
She goes to her bed and hops up. “What did you do today? Anything fun after the drop?”…Courtney trembles.
“Yo, babe! What’s up?” She says sarcastically, with a New Yorkers accent.
“A police officer…”
Amanda stops her. “No, a donut muncher.”
Courtney swallows. “A donut muncher chased me and Kara earlier. I don’t know if Kara made it.”
“Awe, shit. That’s tuff luck.” Amanda holds the bottom of her boot with one hand as she tries pulling it off.
“What if they caught her?”
“There’s a lot of what ifs. She’s a big girl. I’m sure she’ll be fine.” Amanda tosses her boot to the corner of the room. She slides off her socks, letting her feet air out as she wiggles her toes.
“You aren’t worried?” Courtney is confused. She felt all the girls thought better of one another.
“No. She put on her big girl panties this morning. Why would I be concerned?”
Courtney lays back onto the bed hearing the door squeak open. Seeing Kylee she flies over to her. “Go downstairs with me?”
“Sure.” She looks at Amanda and she shrugs, pulling the left side of her face down, shaking her head.
As the two girls reach the door Dane puts his hand up. “You two are staying in for the night.”
“Dane this will only take a minute. We are only going right out front.” Kylee eyes him.
He motions no with his head, returning his arms crossed to his chest.
“Look!” Courtney speaks louder. “You will see us, dammit.”
Dane squints his eyes, definitely not happy with Courtney as his nostrils widely open. “You have five minutes.”
“The pigs followed us earlier today. Kara and I split up and she still hasn’t made it back today.”
Kylee’s eyes grow wide. “Oh, that could be a problem.”
“If she didn’t beat me back, do you think they got her?”
“If they did she is toast.”
Courtney lowers her head. “That’s what I was afraid of.”….



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I have always had a book in my hand. With ebooks many in hand! I really enjoy sharing my favorite authors with people, and helping others find a new favorite author. When I was young I knew I was in trouble when I was sent to my room and COULD NOT read. Truly a tragic punishment for sure! Join me to talk about books we love or help others find new books to read! I am willing to read books in exchange for an honest review, and would be happy to participate in blog tours and cover reveals. Some of the types of books I enjoy are romance, romantic suspense, alpha males, rockers, paranormal (shifter), tattooed guys, contemporary romance, MMA fighters, NA romance, Christian romance, sports romance, ménage and BDMS.

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