5 Awesome Stars for On My Knees by Meredith Wild

I have to tell you that this book hit all the right notes for me. Maya is a woman on a collision course. She thinks its because Cameron left years ago, or maybe her mom, or both. What you find in this book though is her evolution. From a woman who hides who she is and what she could be behind a drink. I really like that the author left her flawed, until the very last. There were times when I laughed with Maya, cried with her, and even wanted to slap her. In the end though I wanted to cheer for her. She came out the other side of this all better and stronger for it.
Cameron has figured out where he went wrong in their relationship in the past and is determined to make changes. For a while though he continues to walk down the same slippery slope he did one other time.
I make it no secret that I am usually not a fan at the second chance for a couple to make it once they failed before. Meredith Wild however, took me there and I am happy for it. I wanted Cameron and Maya back together and I wanted there to be hope. One thing I really enjoyed was that Ms. Wild allowed them to stay somewhat flawed. They work it out but you know they will have to keep working for their relationship, its not all roses and pretty words. In other words real, as in real life. I do enjoy reading about that!
I was given a copy of this book to enjoy and review by the author, in the end I chose to buy the book, because it is just that good.
Please check it out for yourself!






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I have always had a book in my hand. With ebooks many in hand! I really enjoy sharing my favorite authors with people, and helping others find a new favorite author. When I was young I knew I was in trouble when I was sent to my room and COULD NOT read. Truly a tragic punishment for sure! Join me to talk about books we love or help others find new books to read! I am willing to read books in exchange for an honest review, and would be happy to participate in blog tours and cover reveals. Some of the types of books I enjoy are romance, romantic suspense, alpha males, rockers, paranormal (shifter), tattooed guys, contemporary romance, MMA fighters, NA romance, Christian romance, sports romance, ménage and BDMS.

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